Terms of Use

Agreement on the use and processing of image data

  1. TRIO Leuchten GmbH / Reality Leuchten GmbH (hereinafter referred to as the rights holders) grants the user the rights to use product photos, logos, graphics, milieu and image images and/or videos for the purpose of use in print or online media within the scope of this agreement.
  2. The rights holders affirm that they are the sole owners of all unrestricted rights to the image data to be transferred. The rights holders are thus entitled to grant the user the rights of use to the image data that are the subject of the contract.
  3. For the aforementioned purpose, the user shall be granted the simple right of use pursuant to s. 31 subs. 2 of the German Copyright Act. All other rights shall remain with the rights holders or the copyright holder.
  4. The rights holders are entitled to limit the rights of use at any time, in terms of content, location and time.
  5. The right of use granted includes all known digital and analog types of use (e.g., websites, social networks and webshops as well as traditional print products such as brochures, magazines, leaflets or posters). Within the same undertaking, multiple uses are permitted.
  6. The rights of use are in principle not transferable. Any transfer to third parties is not permitted. Excluded are advertising agencies commissioned by the user, provided that the onward transfer takes place within the framework of the fulfillment of a customer project.
  7. The image material provided may be slightly modified (e.g., cropped or combined with other images) for the user's own purposes. In particular, alterations that distort the original image statement and/or violate the brand identity are not permitted. In case of doubt, the consent of the rights holders is required.
  8. In the event of unauthorized exercise of the rights of use or disregard of the aforementioned conditions of use, the rights holders shall be entitled to recall the granted right of use at any time without observing a period of notice. If the recall becomes effective, the right of use shall expire and the user shall be obligated to refrain from further use and/or publication of the provided image material.
  9. In the event of termination of the customer relationship between the rights holders and the user, the right of use shall automatically expire. Image material still in circulation in print products (brochures, leaflets, flyers), which was used during the validity of the rights of use, may still be kept in use until the respective editions have been used up.